These Photos Make Me Happy

Colorful Toy Cars


Mother And Son

Repudiating The Wolf’s Dictionary

Sunset Chat

Not Sequoia National Forest


Through Their Eyes

It’s Delicate

That Time The Lights Went Out

Lean In

Staring Into The Future

The Box

Used To Be Mine

Front Yard Sunsets


My Hood

Sunset Pole Vaulting At Ventura High School

Whatever It Takes


By Myself On Lake Hughes Road

Another Storm Season Begins

Merry Christmas

Sunset And Power Lines

Timing Is Everything

Room With A View, Man With A Camera

Through The Lens Of Kindness

Thanksgiving Wake Up Call

Self Portrait 161111

A Practically Perfect Birthday Evening

Letting The Sun Set On Excuses

A Simple Act Of Kindness

The Pregame Show

The Best View

Family Reunion Fireworks

9 Years Of Photo Memories

What I Choose To Remember

First Game

Friday Night Sunset

We Are Not Enemies, But Friends

The True Joy Of Coaching

Walking The Rooster

Solemn Sunrise


Way Too Comfortable.


Mother’s Day Sunrise

A New Day In Boston

A Sunday Sunrise