Begging Us To Return

Haskell Canyon Trail

Santa Clarita Sunset Revisited

One Palm


A Perfect Storm

And In the Distance, Liberty

Fiery End

A Quick Sunset

Park With A View

Ball Of Fire

Nauthólsvík Beach Sunset

Liberty Sunset

Lower Manhattan On Fire

Times Square Sunset

Vasquez Vista

And Then The Sky Exploded

Setting Over Sydney

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down

North Head Sunset

Orange Is The New Black

Sunset Over Santa Clarita

Layers Of Color

Like The Back Of My Hand

Begging For Rain

Maritime Sunset

Six Flags Sunset Crop

I Need A Hike


The Sky On Fire

Rainbow & Sunset 2


Missing My Trail

Hiking’s Reward

Sunset Rays

A Colorful Loss

Rooftop Sunset

Through The Window

Sunset Over Cathedral Square

Sunset 150526

Another Right Time, Wrong Place Photo

Orange Cotton Candy

Through The Pines

Sunrise In The Sierras

Sunset Panorama

Sunset 150909

Moving Mountains

Marina Sunset

Wrong Place. Right Time.

The One You Hope For