When I started this photography blog on September 14, 2007, it was an experiment in mobile photography. For the longest time, every photo on this site was taken with an iPhone. They were typically posted from the road, mostly undersized, and often heavily edited with some new iPhone photo app. I think I tested every new photography app created for the iPhone during that time period. Some of them had longer legs than others. Looking back now is fun, and more than just a bit embarrassing. 🙂

Eventually, photography became a passion and the blog became an outlet.

I bought a Sony a6000 and started to take things more seriously. And it was noticed. Friends contributed money to buy me a Sony a7rii for my birthday in 2016. It’s hard to say thank you enough for that level of kindness. Now, here I am, playing again with a 10x diopter, pointing it at cards and tomatoes, and hitting the publish button on photoblog post number 3,333.

I had no idea where this little blog experiment would lead. I certainly didn’t expect it to lead to 3,333 photo posts. This hobby has turned into a passion and I’m so very happy it did. Thank you all for joining me on this wonderful ride. Here’s to 3,333 more.

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