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Take Me With You

Ripley at the front door

A Happy Place

The Backyard

Cured With What Is Right

Isaiah Turner Salutes American Flag

Memories Are Memories

Saugus Virtual Choir Awards

Ripley And Keyser

Ripley and Keyser

Photographs & Memories


Ripley 200502

Ripley 200502

An Improved Memory

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

A Saugus Strong Christmas Concert

A Saugus Strong Christmas Concert

From The Control Booth

Nobu Hata

Saugus Strong

Thorns Have Roses


To Me

Happy Birthday To Me

Tick Fire, Front Yard

October Saturday

Saturday Morning

On Grandma’s Lap

Grandma's Lap


Isaiah Hugs The Curve

Doubly Special

Solar-powered Melting Pot



My Happy Place

Just Over The Horizon

Ripley In Black And White

Charlie Fire Rapid Response

Your Experimental Modular Synthesizer Strategy… for Real Estate

Saturday Night In Valencia, Spain

When We Bear Witness

Out Of The Shadows Of Life

Images From A Perfect Day In Spain

Today We Remember

This Is Rocky

Saugus Choir At 240mm f/6.3

Los Angeles Traffic

Cratered By Imperfections

These Photos Make Me Happy

Colorful Toy Cars


Mother And Son

Repudiating The Wolf’s Dictionary

Sunset Chat

Not Sequoia National Forest


It’s Delicate

Staring Into The Future

The Box

Used To Be Mine