Out And About

It’s Not Which Road You Take

At The Forum

210 Freeway

Pressing Pause

Painted Desert

Layers And Layers

Tobacco Connection

Looking Up

Los Angeles, California, 4:30 AM

Times Square

Sweetwater Bar & Grill

Downtown Los Angeles

Long Exposures At Bridgeport

La Playa Stadium Panoramas

Salt Wash Overlook

Lonely Road

Chatsworth, California

The Crime Scene

Pre-Dawn Santa Clarita

Witness To A Successful Rocket Launch

Bridgeport Lighthouse

Vasquez Canyon Road Views

Sunrise In The Santa Clara River

Venice Architecture, Smoke And Inspiration

Just Before Dawn

Highway 126

Fenway Park Panorama In The RAW

Santa Clarita Colors

Venice Of America

Angeles Crest Turnout Revisited

Sand Fire Smoke Over Venice Beach

Sand Fire At Sunset

Sand Fire Panorama

Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch

Haymond Revisited

5 North

The Final Ray

Union Station, Los Angeles

Gloomy Huntington Beach Sunrise

One World Trade Center

Lights At Twilight

No Time To Stop

Haskell Canyon

Spider Web

Wickwire Road

Hollywood Hills



Heading Toward Sunrise