Month: October 2007


This is not a common sight here in Southern California. Sent from my iPhone

Time Bomb

Waiting. Sent from my iPhone

The Newhall Pass, Again

If you can write a blog post in traffic, something is wrong. Sent from my iPhone

And Black Widow Spiders Too

Firemen Get Much Needed Rest

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What A Difference A Day Makes

Stevenson Ranch Fire At Night

New Fire In Stevenson Ranch

Evacuation Lifted But Smoke Remains

Illustration Of Heavy Winds

Fires In The Rear View Mirror

Fires in mirror are closer than they appear. Sent from my iPhone

Mandatory Evacuation

Martin, our neighbor, packing up. The police just required us to evacuate. Sent from my iPhone.

Too Close For Comfort

Fires Near Seco Canyon

Just behind our house. Sent from my iPhone

Canyon Country Fire