Cahuelmó Fjord

Santiago Tourist

Carretera Austral

Snow Oven

Rio Blanco Del Hornopirén

Metro Manquehue, Santiago, Chile

The Next Adventure

Cattle At Sunrise

Donner Lake Sunrise V 2.0

Donner Lake Sunrise V 1.0

Yates Avenue, Grafton, WV

DuSable Bridge Panorama

The Tenderloin

Max Light Rail

Sunrise Over The Willamette River

When In Rome (Portland)

My Favorite Lisbon Photo

Sunset, Grafton, West Virginia

At Blackwater Falls State Park

Saturday Night In Valencia, Spain

Amusement At Sunset

Amusement In Black And White

A Long Exposure Spirograph

CN Tower

Sunset On the Road To Madrid

Images From A Perfect Day In Spain

La Tour Eiffel

DC Storm

Sunrise At The MIM

Last Night, While Driving In Seattle

Elevador De Santa Justa

From The Castle Wall

The Alamo

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Tricentennial Surprise At The Alamo

Riverwalk Long Exposure

Potsdam Griebnitzsee Station

Griebnitzsee Panorama


Griebnitzsee Sunrise

My Only Texas Sunset

Sunrise From Times Square

Scenes From A New York Crosswalk

Sunrise Highlights

Jersey City Sunrise Pano

Cascais Sunset

The Streets Of Lisbon

Uncovering The Past In Lisbon, Portugal

These Photos Make Me Happy