Month: August 2016

The Little Things

Bold, Yellow Sunset

Five Forty Five

A Memory In Panorama

This Tree

Santa Clarita Colors

First Game

No Show

Sunrise Over Leavitt Meadows

Blackwater Falls, A Closer Look

Morning In The Hood

Glowing Spheroid

Traffic Jam

Morning, Grafton, West Virginia

Venice Of America

Friday Night Sunset

Angeles Crest Turnout Revisited

Seagull, Sand & Sun

Forsythe Peak From Leavitt Meadows

Deep Woods

Lonely Sunrise Panorama

The Centurion

Photographs And Memories

Red Twilight

Watters Smith Memorial Panorama

Sunset Football

The Beauty Of Smoke And Sun

Atlantic Beach Sunrise

We Are Not Enemies, But Friends

Port Of San Francisco

Big Leafy Bug

New York Sunset Revisited

Sunrise Over Grafton, WV

Carrollton Covered Bridge Panorama

Secret Cove

Soaking It All In

Bay Bridge Panorama

Leavitt Meadow Panorama

Foggy San Francisco Sunrise

Sunrise Over The Lake Tahoe Basin