Like A Hawk

Watching Me Like A Hawk

Later That Morning In Vasquez Rocks

Later That Morning In Vasquez Rocks

Like A Torch


Ain’t Always

Macro Flower

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass


Macro Flower

A Different Angle

Tiny purple flowers

Morning Glory

Another Lilly with morning water drops

Hawk In Black And White

Hawk on a light pole.


Sunrise over Santa Clarita

Modern 9

Leonid Failure, Connection Success

Night Sky in Castaic

Like A Paint Stroke

Haskell Canyon Open Space at dawn

A View Of A Spectacle

Mushrooms in grass

Super Zoom

Inside A Lilly

Night Owl


Breaking Rank

Fall Leaves in Santa Clarita, California



Tiny Dancer

Tiny Butterfly

It Never Pretends


Solitary Flower

solitary flower

Attention To Detail

Bee on flower

Just A Little Beauty

Beautiful Flower

Being Still

Injured Rat

Backlit Sage

Backlit Sage

Like A Smile

Backlit Wildflower

Different Perspective

Plant top perspective

More Succulent


Sun, Smoke & Flowers

Sun, Smoke and Flower

So Fragile

backlit desert flower

Our Strange Sky

eery smokey sky

To Wonder At It


A Fragile Gift

Macro insect on flower


Tiny Little Lizard

Golden Hour Detail

Golden Hour Detail


little butterfly

Succulent Macro

Macro Succulent

The Beauty Of Subtle Differences

Black And White Highlights

There Is Magic In It

Dragonfly on wire

Night Sky Progress

starry sky

The Lake Fire At Night

The #lakefire at night

Baby Mantis

Baby Mantis on red

Incertum Identitatem

Senecio Aronicoides

Senecio aronicoides

Corethrogyne Filaginifolia

Corethrogyne filaginifolia

Nicotiana Glauca

Nicotiana glauca

Hesperaloe Parviflora Numerus Duo

Hesperaloe Parviflora Numerus Duo


Asiatic Hybrid Lilly

Eriogonum Fasciculatum

Eriogonum Fasciculatum