Second Lake

First Lake

Purple Mountains

An Overdue Hike

The Scale Of Big Pine Creek North Fork Trail

Inyo National Forest

Sunrise Over First Lake, John Muir Wilderness

Towsley Canyon Conversations

Sunrise In The Open Space

Burro Trail

By Dawn’s Early Light

Bridge To Nowhere

Inviting Reward

Sunrise Hike – Towsley Canyon Loop

Hiking Haskell Canyon at Sunset

Father’s Day Sunrise Hike

Vasquez Sunrise Panoramas

Hiking Vasquez In Black & White

Unexpected Beauty

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Vasquez After Sunrise

Haskell Canyon Hike – Revisited

Looking Down, Looking Up

Open Space Panoramas

Revisiting A Few Dozen Ladies

Funny Man Is Sixteen

A Simple Act Of Kindness

Vasquez Rocks Twilight

The Little Things

Rocky City Trail

Bright Haskell Canyon Sunset

Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch

Coopers Rock Panorama

Curly Proboscis

Hiking’s Reward

Hiking Vasquez

Open For Hiking

Hiking Buddy

Hiking Placerita Canyon – March 29, 2009

Hiking With The Boys