The genealogy site “MyHeritage” has released another upgrade to their AI-powered photo enhancer and it’s pretty darn good. The photos on this page were all taken in 1996 and are simply slightly blurry even in the original prints. As you can see, what they are doing is beyond just sharpening the image. These kinds of artificial intelligence image enhancement tools are becoming more and more available in consumer and pro desktop photo editing applications, but the simplicity of the My Heritage approach is really quite something. And their AI appears to focus on the facial features exclusively, which gives some results an almost 3D feel.

The tools work on black and white or color photos, as you can see above. But you can also combine your black and white focus results with the website’s AI-powered colorizer “In Color.” You can see one result below. Is it as good as hand-coloring done by a pro? Of course not, but considering this took all of 60 seconds to finish, it’s pretty impressive. You can try a few yourself for free.

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