Golfing With Noah

It has taken me almost 22 years to go golfing with Noah. I basically gave up golf after Zachariah, our fourth son, was born. Until last week, I had not played a round of golf in more than a decade and before that only once every two years in a best-ball match only held during family reunions. My clubs were hanging in the garage, still in a travel bag from the last time I played.

Golfing With Noah

Noah turns 22 in a few weeks and he just started playing golf a couple of months ago. He started by taking my old clubs out of the travel bag, watching some YouTube videos, and hitting balls at a local park. Last week I took him to play his first full round of golf. We had a blast. And just like that, I’m back to playing golf again. I’m horrible, truly, and Noah needs to take some lessons before he grooves in bad habits. But this young man was built to be a golfer and he has quickly fallen in love with the sport.

I’ve fallen in love with playing with him.

Golfing With Noah
Golfing With Noah
Golfing With Noah
Golfing With Noah

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