Cloudless Vasquez

Who You Lookin At?

Spring Along Vasquez Canyon Road

Hummingbird At Work

Thumb Butte Revisited

Tonto National Forest

The Hills Are Alive

Full Bloom

Fresh Vasquez Views

Change Is Constant

Morning At Castaic Lake

Proud As A…

Staring At Water Droplets

On The Bow River

Purple Ripples Over Santa Clarita

A Road Less Traveled

Hiking To Louise Falls

Panoramas Of Highway 1A, Banff To Lake Louise

Awe Inspiring Banff

Revisiting A Few Dozen Ladies

The Final Shot


It’s Still Raining

New Eyes

Temporary Water Feature

Vasquez Rocks At Night

Christmas Sunset

Boxing Day Gift

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Vasquez Rocks In Scattered Light

Enjoying A Cloudy Moment

The Path To Solitude

An Epic Vasquez Sunset

Sun Colored Clouds

Prehistoric Sunrise

On The Rocks

Blue Hour at Vasquez Rocks


Five Minutes Of Beauty

Sunset Panorama at Vasquez Rocks

Alone With The Sunrise

Vasquez Rocks Sunrise Panorama

Vasquez Rocks Twilight

Swimming Hole

Lion’s Ear

Hines Peak In The Morning

A Visit Too Short

Some Days

Revealing The Truth

Take Me Home