Month: December 2016

Through The Juniper

Subtle Sunset – Before And After

Abandoned Ornament

Vasquez Rocks At Night

Sunrise In The Rocks

Christmas Sunset

Boxing Day Gift

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Merry Christmas

Vasquez Rocks In Scattered Light

Sunset And Power Lines

Enjoying A Cloudy Moment

More From An Awe Inspiring Sunset

Awe Inspiring Sunset

Baltimore Public Works Museum

The Path To Solitude

An Epic Vasquez Sunset

Sun Colored Clouds

Timing Is Everything

Prehistoric Sunrise


Vasquez Sunset Rays

Bridgeport Lighthouse


On The Rocks

Santa Clarita Sunrise 161209

Blue Hour at Vasquez Rocks

The Golden Part

High Resolution Sunrise

Eye And Sky


Room With A View, Man With A Camera

Sunrise At Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Through The Lens Of Kindness