Off To Become A Marine

When our youngest daughter Samara told us she wanted to become a Marine, I didn’t think it would stick. At that moment, I forgot how strong-willed she had always been. She had initially planned to join the Air Force but wanted a different challenge. Just over an hour ago, she drove off in a car with her new husband, Robert (already a Marine), to San Diego for her flight tonight. She is heading to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island in South Carolina for 13 weeks of boot camp.

I cried like a baby as she pulled out of the driveway. And I couldn’t help be recall the first time I held her. It was in the lobby of a hotel in Guatemala City, Guatemala (below). I cried like a baby then too. She is off on a path I never imagined for her. At 4′ 11″, she will not be your typical marine. Then again, she’s never been your typical anything. We love you, Samara. Go kick some ass.

Off To Become A Marine
Off To Become A Marine
Off To Become A Marine
Off To Become A Marine

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    1. I read this with tears in my eyes, recalling when my youngest son Mark decided to join the Army, and took off for boot camp at Ft Jackson, SC. Afghanistan was brutal, but now, years later , he says it was the best decision he ever made. Semper Fi Samara!

    2. Your pictures say a lot. Praying for her success as she faces new and different challenges in Paris Island. Love her.

    3. Thank you, Roberta. I’m so glad your son feels that way. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Marine’s impact her. A bit nervous, but hopeful.

    4. Digger turner

      She will destroy basic training. She prepared herself well for it.

    5. I sure hope so! Thank you, Dig.

    6. Wow. These photos are stunningly gorgeous. Thanks for sharing them.
      A talented photographer’s stock in trade is knowing when to push the button to capture the right moments. Combine that skill with close family intimacy / access & it just moves beyond … into the territory of ‘Wow!’
      & Samara? What a superlative human. I’m not at all surprised she knew what she wanted. I will never forget how, as a literal toddler, she took my hand & led me all the way around the house on the hill at Grafton. She knew where she wanted to go. I was just there to facilitate. She didn’t waver or hesitate for an instant. To be fair, as a person just learning to walk, she may have wobbled a bit but her determination carried her through.
      I sincerely wish her all the best – always!

    7. Can not believe my youngest grandchild is now a Marine! I know how hard it was for you two when she left! And she is married too!

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