I just can’t get used to Christmas lights and palm trees… and I’ve been in CA over 20 years. Sent from my iPhone


  1. Oh, that is just WRONG! I’m not happy when we don’t have a white Christmas. Hmmm, I wonder, does it snow in Bethlehem?

  2. Oh my. It just looks…. odd!!

  3. Oh come on guys!! A Christmas without snow and with palm trees is just the same…..remember “meaning” 🙂

  4. If you’ve never lived in the southern hemisphere, then you’ve never experienced Christmas in the summertime. I love it either way.

  5. I grew up in WV and Ohio. Christmas was cold and the trees were bare and we longed for a white Christmas. And when we got one, we were thrilled. Strong memories. Hard to shake those… mainly ’cause I don’t want to. 🙂

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