PCH – Malibu

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Kirk Douglas Theatre – Culver City

Fire At Johnnie’s Pastrami

Checking On Mom

J, checking out photos from Kenya and reading about Rocky’s journey to Africa. From my iPhone

Car Pool

Windmill (Sepia)

Windmill (Color)

Scarecrows And Palm Trees?

Rush Hour On The 405

The 5 Freeway Entering Santa Clarita

We Spotted A Great Horned Owl

Hiking With The Boys

Lizard Camouflage

Towsley Canyon

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Fire At Cheesecake Factory

We attempted to eat at The Cheesecake Factory after our meetings today. We were evacuated from the bar while waiting. “We think we might be on fire,” they said calmly. Sent from my iPhone

Just Another Beautiful Day In California

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Marina Del Rey, California

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30 Minutes And 4 Miles Later

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Why I Hate The San Fernando Valley


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Sunset In Denver 2

Sunset In Denver 1

Web 2.0 Presentation In Omaha

Thankfully, the yawns stopped during the presentation. 🙂 – Sent from my iPhone

Gorat’s – Omaha

Flying Into Omaha

The Missouri River – from my iPhone

Flying Into Denver

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One Very Big iPhone

Roadrunner In The Back Yard

Beetle – Window Rock, AZ

Storm In The Mojave

St. Louis Arch

Grand Canyon 2