Sunrise 170708

Sunrise Hike – Towsley Canyon Loop

Hiking Haskell Canyon at Sunset

Little Boys

Celebrating American History – Annapolis, MD

Not Sequoia National Forest

Sunset 170531

A Very Wide Sunrise


Through Their Eyes

USATF Region 15 Sunset


Lone Palm

Leftover Easter Eye Candy

Smoke Ring

Father’s Day Sunrise Hike

Vasquez Sunrise Panoramas

Vasquez Rocks Sunrise

I Want Them To See It

The Other Side Of Sunrise

Through The Balcony Window

It’s Delicate

That Time The Lights Went Out

What More Could He Ask?

Bee Hunting

Hiking Vasquez In Black & White


In That Moment


Spanish dagger

Sunrise Textures At Vasquez Rocks

Nocturnal Annapolis

Lean In

Lonely Road

Staring Into The Future

Chatsworth, California

Storm Clouds at Sunset

Capitol Vista

The Box

It Lights The Whole Sky

Orange Castaic Sunset

The Big Red Sky

That Is Enough

Sunrise At LAX

Sunset Over Castaic Lake

Santa Clarita Sunrise Panorama

Little Birdie

Annapolis Twilight

Granada Hills Pines

Black And Blue