Morning At Castaic Lake

Banff Leftovers

By Myself On Lake Hughes Road

Another Storm Season Begins

Proud As A…

Puerto Vallarta Shadow Band

Sunrise In Puerto Vallarta

Grand Velas Sunset

Looking Down, Looking Up

Landing In Calgary

That Gloomy Morning

Staring At Water Droplets

Open Space Panoramas

On The Bow River

Purple Ripples Over Santa Clarita

A Road Less Traveled

Hiking To Louise Falls

Sunrise Sendoff At The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Panoramas Of Highway 1A, Banff To Lake Louise

Vermillion Lakes Scenic Drive Sunrise

Sunrise Over Downtown Banff

Awe Inspiring Banff

Yesterday’s Sunrise

Stormy Southern California Sunset

Night In Annapolis

Revisiting A Few Dozen Ladies

The Final Shot

Illuminating Colonial Annapolis

Sunset Over Spa Creek

Pre-Dawn Santa Clarita

Evolution Of A Sunrise

Witness To A Successful Rocket Launch


It’s Still Raining

New Eyes

The Path

Oops, A Daisy

Detour To A Beautiful Sunrise

Yesterday Morning In Santa Clarita

Attention To Detail

Temporary Water Feature

Why I Stopped Shooting Mulit-Photo HDR

The Sky Was On Fire

Funny Man Is Sixteen

An Almost Great Sunset

Vasquez Sunrise Panorama

Sunrise On A New Year

Through The Juniper

Subtle Sunset – Before And After

Abandoned Ornament