Today We Remember

Friends And Competitors

Sunset On Another Saugus Graduating Class

The Biomechanics Of The Triple Jump

Trust The Pole

Backyard Flowers

DC Storm

This Is Rocky

Saugus Choir At 240mm f/6.3

On Flowering Fiddlenecks

Wildflower Between The Rocks

Colorful Vasquez Rocks Sunrise

300M Hurdle Champions

Watching & Photographing Track Meets

Los Angeles, California, 4:30 AM

Or A Bee Makes Honey

Sunrise At The MIM

Los Angeles Traffic

Mt. Sac Relays 2018: World-Class Track And Sunset

Sunglass Selfie

California High School Pole Vault Record

Living Like A Lord

A Wave Of Shadows

Last Night, While Driving In Seattle

The Colors Of Spring

Suburban Easter Bunny

Cratered By Imperfections

Elevador De Santa Justa

Fun With 360° Image Projections

From The Castle Wall

The Alamo

Sunrise View Place

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Tricentennial Surprise At The Alamo

Riverwalk Long Exposure

Try To Be A Rainbow

That I Could Fly

Potsdam Griebnitzsee Station

Griebnitzsee Panorama


Griebnitzsee Sunrise

The Color Won’t Wait, But I Will

Sunset On Sunrise

Sunrise Between The Rocks

Times Square

My Only Texas Sunset

Sunrise From Times Square

Scenes From A New York Crosswalk

Sunrise Highlights

Jersey City Sunrise Pano