Two Thousand Words

And Then It All Turned Blue

Painted Storm Clouds

Sunrise On The Rocks

Sunday Sunrise at Vasquez Rocks

Sunrise At The Rocks

And Then The Sun Rose On Vasquez Rocks

Sweetwater Bar & Grill

Before Dawn At Vasquez Rocks

Santa Clarita Sunset 171230

Downtown Los Angeles

Day One Done

Cascais Sunset

Orange Sky

Reflection Of A Sunrise

Christmas Eve Sunrise In Santa Clarita

Scratching A Sunset Itch

The Streets Of Lisbon

Supermoon And Christmas Lights

Uncovering The Past In Lisbon, Portugal

Sunrise Over LAX

These Photos Make Me Happy

Rua Do Espírito Santo

After Sunrise, Lisbon, Portugal

Reframing The Praça Do Comércio, Lisbon, Portugal

Sunrise Over Lisbon, Portugal

Rua do Recolhimento Visão

Boise Explodes With Color

Sunrise Over Boise, Idaho

Remembering The Colors Of Fall

About To Rise In Boise

Table Rock Sunset, Boise, Idaho

Quebec City, Quebec

Not Black & White

Château Frontenac, Quebec City

One Of My Favorite Sounds

Colorful Toy Cars

A Butterfly In Quebec City

Québec Parliament Building At Sunset

Ventura Sunset

Dark Clouds, Bright Rays

Strange Light

Towsley Canyon Conversations

Sunrise Colors

9/11 Sunrise Rays Over Santa Clarita

Sunrise In The Open Space

Long Exposures At Bridgeport

Just Like A Flower

Last Night 170904