Friends And Competitors

Sunset On Another Saugus Graduating Class

The Biomechanics Of The Triple Jump

Trust The Pole

Backyard Flowers

DC Storm

This Is Rocky

Saugus Choir At 240mm f/6.3

On Flowering Fiddlenecks

Wildflower Between The Rocks

Colorful Vasquez Rocks Sunrise

300M Hurdle Champions

Watching & Photographing Track Meets

Los Angeles, California, 4:30 AM

Or A Bee Makes Honey

Sunrise At The MIM

Los Angeles Traffic

Mt. Sac Relays 2018: World-Class Track And Sunset

Sunglass Selfie

California High School Pole Vault Record

Living Like A Lord

A Wave Of Shadows

Last Night, While Driving In Seattle

The Colors Of Spring

Suburban Easter Bunny

Cratered By Imperfections

Elevador De Santa Justa

Fun With 360° Image Projections

From The Castle Wall

The Alamo

Sunrise View Place

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Tricentennial Surprise At The Alamo

Riverwalk Long Exposure

Try To Be A Rainbow

That I Could Fly

Potsdam Griebnitzsee Station

Griebnitzsee Panorama


Griebnitzsee Sunrise

The Color Won’t Wait, But I Will

Sunset On Sunrise

Sunrise Between The Rocks

Times Square

My Only Texas Sunset

Sunrise From Times Square

Scenes From A New York Crosswalk

Sunrise Highlights

Jersey City Sunrise Pano

Two Thousand Words