Lake Louise Marriage Scene Correct
Blue Color Cast Removed Using “Divide” in Photoshop

In late January of 2017, I made a comment in the post “Hiking To Louise Falls” that “the photos here on this page were some of the hardest I’ve ever had to edit. The camera picked up a blue cast over everything that was not there in real life. I’ve tried to do it justice.” That was really my way of saying, I never really did those photos justice. Then earlier this year I watched a video by Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect that provided a simple math-based method for removing the color cast. The math equation is this: RESULTING COLOR = 256 ÷ (a ÷ b), with (a) being the color of any pixel on the layer with the divide blend mode and (b) being the color of the matching pixel of the underlying layer.

The before photo above was my “best-effort” from three years ago. The after photo above and the featured photo at the top of the page is the result after using the “divide” method explained in the PiXimperfect video. If you’re into photo editing, this is the simplest method to get rid of a pesky color cast that I’ve ever used. Another example is below. This is a photo of a sunset in Sacramento, California that cast an orange glow in the image that was not present in real life. This method works.

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