The Third Sunset In Bariloche

My third sunset in Bariloche was the most challenging and rewarding sunset I’ve ever captured. A heavy fog covered the waters of Rio Negro the entire day. At the house and in town, I would have described the day as gloomy. Above the fog, it was a different story. But when we were headed back to the house, I got the sense that there might be a break. The sunset that would be happening above the mist might be visible if the timing was right. Thankfully, it was.

However, it presented a challenging light in which to shoot photos. The contrasts between the darkness below the fog and the brilliant light above made it difficult to nail down the right balance. I hope I’ve done it justice here. I think you can see what I’m talking about in the images below. The images below are presented in the order they were taken as the light changed with the movement of the clouds and sun. I am so very thankful I was able to capture these moments! It was a fitting final sunset in San Carlos de Bariloche. This place was indescribably beautiful.

The Third Sunset In Bariloche
The Third Sunset In Bariloche
The Third Sunset In Bariloche
The Third Sunset In Bariloche

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EXIF Data Below Applies Only To The Featured Photo In This Post
  • Aperture: ƒ/6.3
  • Camera: ILCE-7RM2
  • Taken: 12 June, 2022
  • Exposure bias: -1EV
  • Focal length: 118mm
  • ISO: 100
  • Shutter speed: 2.5s
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