Rear View

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Near Palm Springs

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Almost Home

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Sunset At 10,000 Feet

Empty III – Norfolk

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Virginia Beach

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Empty II

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The Spoils Of Niceness

GeoTagged, [N28.42528, E81.31917] Stewardess said I was nice… Handed me this. 🙂

Space Frame


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Delta Terminal


Go Be Great

Float After Rose Bowl Float

Sunrise At Miami Beach

No Sunrise In Charlotte, NC

I set the alarm to try and capture a rooftop sunrise shot. No such luck. There was a beautiful fog hanging over the city, however. Sent from my iPhone

Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

Sunrise Over Denver, Colorado

View From The 42nd Floor

Las Vegas Strip

Sunset In Denver 2

Sunset In Denver 1

Storm In The Mojave

St. Louis Arch

Grand Canyon 2

Grand Canyon 1

Window Rock, Arizona

Driving Through Colorado