Flat Rocks

Palm Tree Rising

An Enclave

Entry to Cienega Elementary School in Los Angeles


Guardian Of The Dashboard

I’m A Girl

Another Strange Flower

Happy Memorial Day

Bug On The Run

Snail On Sidewalk


Rising From The Ashes

Vasquez Rock

Ridiculously Long Eyelashes

One Strange Flower

Flower Against Blue Sky

Wild Flowers

Sunrise Over Denver, Colorado

View From Top Of Vasquez Rocks

California Cherry Blossoms

All Bark

Rays Against Black Belair

View From The 42nd Floor

Pacific Coast Highway Sunset

A Christmas Morning Explosion

Ready For Morning

Another Beautiful Holiday Sunset

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Black Friday? I Think Not.

Stolen Moments

Lunch In Ventura

Las Vegas Strip

I Did Not Marry A Geek

But she has morphed into one. Who works on a computer while walking down stairs? Sent from my iPhone