A Nod To Ocean’s 13

Noah As George Clooney in Ocean's 13

Not That Valley

The Santa Clarita Valley at Sunset

Office Zoomification

Office Zoomification

Like A Hawk

Watching Me Like A Hawk

Later That Morning In Vasquez Rocks

Later That Morning In Vasquez Rocks

Sunset At Pacific Crest Park

Sunset at Pacific Cresst Park

Hidden Power

Moon And Light Clouds

Another Sunrise At Vasquez Rocks

Sunrise at Vasquez Rocks


Abandoned Silk Rose

Like A Torch


My Happy Place

my happy place - the Haskell Canyon Open Space Trail

Pre-Dawn Rock Show

Pre-dawn at Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park

Ain’t Always

Macro Flower

Hiding In Plain Sight

Reece's Cups Hiding In Plain Sight

First Vasquez Sunrise Of 2021

Vasquez Rocks Sunrise

Isaiah Twenty

Isaiah Turner, Twenty

Kentucky Warbler

Kentucky Warbler

12 Photos of 2020

Jeff Turner favorite Photos of 2020

Haskell Canyon Open Space Trail

Haskell Canyon Open Space Trail

A Nod

Joshua Triad

Turner Family Panorama

Turner Family Photo 2020

Revisiting A Moment In Ruai, Kenya

Ruai, Kenya

I Get Smaller

looking up at a flower - i get smaller

Christmas Macros 006 – Merry Christmas

Christmas Macros 006 - Turner Family Ornament 2020

Christmas Macros 005 – Angel

Christmas macro of an angel

Christmas Macros 004 – Snowflakes

sparkly snowflakes on a wall

Purple Fountain Grass

Purple Fountain Grass

Christmas Macros 003 – Heart & Bow

Christmas Macro - Bow on a heart


Macro Flower

Micah 201218

Micah Turner and Christmas tree

Joshua 26

Joshua Turner, 26


Mackenzie (Kenzie) Keune hurdle practice

At Sunset, Facing East

Sunset Vista

Christmas Macros 002 – Snowman

He’s Off To MSU

Zachariah Turner signs national letter of intent for Minnesota State University

Christmas Macros 001 – Snowman

Snowman with carrot nose

Never In Doubt

Haskell Canyon Sunrise

A Different Angle

Tiny purple flowers

With Isaiah

Isaiah Turner and Jeff Turner


Pete Van

That Moment

Sunset Over Castaic Lake

Morning Glory

Another Lilly with morning water drops

AM Sky Fire

Sky Fire in the Haskell Canyon Open Space

Hawk In Black And White

Hawk on a light pole.

I’ll Keep Trying

power towers

Ripley 201201


The Quiet

Just This Once, For Noah

Is Delicate

leaves out of tree trunk


Sunrise over Santa Clarita